Registration rules


Registration is made by sending an email to with the following information: which room are you registering for, names of all persons who will be in the room (birth and initiated names, if you have them), and exact dates of arrival and departure.


Single and double rooms can be booked for at least 6 days. There is a possibility to book them for a shorter period of time only in case that in the end of the registration period some of these rooms are not booked. If you are registering for the 7-bed room, we are making the room schedule. Also, if you are not sleeping in the camp but you are arranging it for yourself or you want to sleep in the tent, please also register.


The price for the camp s made of the festival fee (prasadam, travel expenses for gurus, organisation, etc.) which is 8 eur per person (4 eur for children under 8 years) and accommodation. Accommodation options are as follows:
- single room: 15 eur
- double room: 26 eur
- 4-bed room: 32 eur
- 5-bed room for 4 people: 32 eur
- 5-bed room for 5 people: 40 eur
- 1 bed in 7-bed room: 8 eur
- 1 place in the tent: 2 eur (children under 8 years) and 4 eur

Example 1 - calculation for 3 people in the 4-bed room:
- 3x8=24 eur (festival fee)
- 32 eur (4-bed room price)
total: 56 eur per night

Example 2 - calculation for 5 people in the 5-bed room:
- 5x8=40 eur (festival fee)
- 40 eur (5-bed room price)
total: 80 eur per night

Example 3 - calculation for 2 adults and 1 child under 8 years in 4-bed room:
- 2x8=16 eur (festival fee for adults)
- 1x4=4 eur (festival fee for a child)
- 32 eur (4-bed room price)
total: 52 eur per night


Everybody, on top the accommodation price, pays touristic fee which is 1 eur per day + one-time payment of 3 eur.


Becuase there is a limited number of smaller rooms, your booking will be confirmed only at the moment when you get the reply email that the accommodation you chose is available. The accommodation is being booked in the order of registrations. It is not possible to make changes after the booking unless you negotiate it directly with persons accommodated in the room of your choice.


Deadline for registrations is 1.7.2019.


For more details please check FAQ.


And welcome to Frushka Goranga!